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Ecoregions of Baja California (zip-file database)


Data repository for the ecoregions of Baja California


How to cite this data page: Gonzalez-Abraham C, Ezcurra E, Garcillán PP (2010) Baja California Ecoregions database. Ezcurra Lab, UCR. Dataset. https://ezcurralab.ucr.ed//baja_california_ecoregions/ecoregions.html

General description: The biological singularity of the Baja California peninsula has captured the attention of naturalists since long time ago. As result, a rich variety of ecological and biogeographical interpretations have been proposed. They share a common framework, but at the same time show disagreement. An exhaustive review of published literature was done to identify which ecoregions or transition zones show disagreement. We submitted the discordant transition zones to the analysis of regional experts during a workshop, and with the help of a geographical information system we generated decisions by consensus for the majority of discussed zones. Results are shown in a map of ecoregions of the Baja California peninsula, as a synthesis of the long and dedicated effort by individuals and institutions to study and analyze the natural scenario of the Baja California peninsula.

Published together with the paper:González-Abraham, C.E., P.P. Garcillán, E. Ezcurra, and G.T.E. 2010. Ecorregiones de la península de Baja California: una síntesis. Boletín de la Sociedad Botánica de México 87: 69–82. 

Link to the GIS shapefiles database (in compacted zip format):


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